Beijing: in the Framework of the ‘New Silk Roads’ Signed With Artron, Artprice Has Revealed Its New Chinese Brand Specially Adapted to the Chinese Art Market

The name is: 雅派.艺术道

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Decided after much discussion with art market professionals in China, this name evokes Chinese confidence in art and the ‘Dao of Art’… i.e. the path of wisdom to which knowledge of the Art Market leads.

The Chinese baseline 掌握全球艺术市场 says … ‘Master the Global Art Market’.

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As thierry Ehrmann says, ‘by becoming a Chinese brand for China – taking into account the specific tastes of Chinese art lovers, collectors and professionals – Artprice is blending into the history and daily life of China”s thousand-year-old culture, thereby boosting its notoriety and its sales turnover more quickly‘.

At the end of this March, this new initiative will allow Artprice to achieve optimal exposure in China”s colossal domestic market and to capture its economic potential with a ”permeability” that relates to China”s multi-millennial history of art. Again, as Mr Ehrmann puts it ‘in order to conquer China you have to immerse yourself in a culture that goes back 4,000 year, and you have to approach the country with both humility and constance.

In collaboration with Artprice, Artron has strengthened Artprices”s road-map by the creation and implementation of a payment structure in order to comply with the new Directives from the Chinese government announced in February 2019. The strategic moves prompted by these Directives have slightly postponed Artprice”s initial targets, which otherwise remain unchanged (See Press Release of 18 March 2019).

Artprice”s strategy is therefore part of the framework for trade and partnerships defined during President Xi Jinping”s visit to France and largely commented in Emmanuel Macron”s speech on 25 March 2019 marking the 55th anniversary of China”s diplomatic relations with France.

In his editorial for the 21st Global Art Market Annual Report co-published by Artprice and Artron last week, Mr Wan Jie, Chairman of Artron Group, Artprice”s Chinese Institutional partner, stated: ‘This growth (of the art market) over time, like that of Artron”s partnership with Artprice, will continue to accelerate as we integrate our resources, optimize our data, upgrade our Internet technology and diversify our business cooperation models. The result will be a New Silk Road connecting the different art worlds and the markets of the East and the West.

We are therefore talking about a ”New Silk Road for the Art Market” in the framework of China”sOne Belt, One Road‘(OBOR) or ‘Belt and Road Initiative‘ (BRI) as presented by President Xi Jinping this week in France.

Artprice is now accredited by the Chinese authorities as a major player alongside Artron in the project to construct an Art Market SiIk Road, thereby confirming at the highest level the agreements reached during the official visit of Artprice”s management to Beijing in November 2018.

The Belt and Road Initiative covers approximately 65 countries in Asia and Europe, for a total estimated cost of 55% of global GDP. It involves 70% of the global population – 4.4 billion people – and 75% of the world”s energy reserves, with the total estimated investment period spanning 30 to 35 years for all the projects to be completed.

The estimated value of the initial projects is around 900 billion dollars and China is apparently considering making loans for the completion of future infrastructures in the different countries along the new Silk Road that could amount to 8 trillion dollars.

Moreover, as the country”s population gets richer – a phenomenon that is progressing at an astonishing pace – China”s Art Market is expected to enjoy phenomenal growth. By 2020, Asia should account for roughly 70% of the global Art Market.

According to a study published by Bain & Company on 20 March 2019, China alone consumed 33% of the world”s Luxury Goods in 2018. As the Art Market has very strong correlations with the Luxury Goods market, this figure corroborates Artprice”s and Artron”s forecasts for China”s Art Market. In fact, according to the same study, China”s consumption of Luxury Goods is already greater than that of Europe and the USA combined.

To build stronger institutional relations with China, Artprice has become a member of the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyons because the French city is one of the historical final destinations of Silk Roads since the Renaissance.

Lyons is in fact the most visited French city by Chinese leaders.

Created at the initiative of the City of Lyons, the Lyons Chamber of Commerce and the ADERLY, the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyons has already brought together many institutional and private partners like Groupe SEB, Institut Mérieux, Huawei, Sanofi, EDF, Bank of China and Veolia. It defines itself, among other things, as a networking facilitator for contacts at the highest levels in France and China for over 80 years.

The Institute”s mission is the international promotion of France and of the economic attractiveness of the Lyons region by advertising the economic advantages of Lyons in China and encouraging Chinese investment in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Moreover, after launching, in 2013, the project for an ‘Economic corridor traversing countries crossed by the old Silk Road’, in 2014, President Xi Jinping made an official visit to the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyons in the framework of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with France.

Indeed, the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyons was revived precisely in this context, and it intends – with its historical connections (since 1921) – to give new impetus to the future of relations between Lyons and China.

On 25 March 2019, the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyons was the subject of a long article in the Figaro. Apparently China”s President Xi Jinping is at the origin of the initiative to revive the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyons because a large section of China”s historical elite has been educated in Lyon since 1921. No other place in Europe can boast this kind of historical link to the Middle Kingdom.

To boost its visibility in China, Artprice will be present (for the first time ever) at Asia”s largest Contemporary Art fair… the 7th edition of Art Basel Hong Kong. Alongside Artron, the two groups will occupy a prestigious stand and will promote their exclusive Decision Support Tools. Likewise, Artprice will also be present with Artron at Art Beijing from 26 to 29 April 2019.

Lastly, Artprice”s Facebook page has just reached 4 million followers worldwide. This represents an exceptional success on the world”s leading social network, with a growing level of uptake at each publication, thereby spreading Artprice”s databanks and services to new potential clients all over the world.

On 30 June 2017, Artprice informed its AGM that it had 345,000 followers worldwide and it promised to reach 1 million by end-2018. That promise has now been largely superseded with an additional 3,655,000 followers, equivalent to a 1,061% increase in less than two years.

With its unequalled audience on social media, Artprice is now giving Artron Western exposure just as Artron, at the beginning of April, will open its numerous networks with several tens of millions of members for Artprice (with its new Chinese name) including notably WeChat, but alsoTencent, QQ, Sina Weibo, Baidu and Tieba, among others.

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PARIS, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As previously indicated in our March 18 press release (see link below), Artprice has today revealed the Chinese brand name it will use in Artron”s launch of its official spring campaign with a new baseline in Chinese.