Shocking Things in Australia that Fascinate the Travellers

It’s Australian summer time from December and the scenario around is pretty bizarre for someone who’s visiting the island country for the first time. You would find the cricket on, but no one is actually watching. But, if you are planning to grab that remote and change the channel, you are in trouble. Neither can you go swimming in that scorching heat. Yes, you can use those inflatable paddling pools on the courtyard though.

While tourists flock to Australia during this time expecting a warm climate along the beach, there area more weird things during Australian summers that catch the traveller’s fascination. But, before you think of hitting the Australian beach for some fun, do you have the Australian Visa to enter the country? Getting an Australian ETA is a must for all foreigners to be allowed to enter the country. All you need to do is to apply for the ETA online and it’s linked electronically to your passport.

Now that you have the official authority to enter the country, you would be shocked to find a few things in Australia that are pretty bizarre.

Christmas in Summers

Yes, it’s Christmas time during the Australian summers that typically starts from the month of December, when almost the entire world is feeling the chill. It may appear a bit weird and may not seem like Christmas at all, but then you do get a feeling with the surfing Santas and the fake snow on the Christmas trees.

Huge flying Cockroaches

This is a common sight at almost every Australian household. Whether you are lazing out or watching cricket, you may just find an added spectator, a huge one on your ceiling.

Beware of jellyfish

If you are in Queensland and you got to jump in the ocean for a quick swimming round, forget the idea as ‘tis the season of jellyfish in that zone.

Mind the crocodiles

And, then you have high chances of an encounter with crocodiles in the Northern Territory, so that’s not a place to swim either.

Snakes Galore

Watch out for these venomous slimy creatures that are found randomly almost anywhere within the long grasses.

A weather like nowhere

It’s a pretty unpredictable climate in the country with hot summers intervened with a sudden cold day, that can also accompany storms and rains. Yes, you are bound to get that tan despite the weather.

Entire country is on Holiday

It’s literally the word “holiday” spelt across the cities with none of the shops, bars, or restaurants open between the Christmas and New Year.

From Australian bellies wearing thongs all round the cities, or soaring prices during summers to a country obsessed with cricket or the no air-conditioner rule in even the scorching heat, Australia welcome its foreign visitors with Australian ETA a bizarre yet fascinating experience.